Thatched houses and baths

Using straw as a building material is not a new topic. This excellent natural material has been used by people for many centuries. Sometimes it can be forgotten, but again and again reminds of itself, and each time adds something new to its advantages.

Today, the construction of buildings for various purposes using straw is practiced all over the world in developed countries. All Europe, primarily Germany, the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden, as well as the United States, have experience of such construction. There is a practice of similar construction in the Republic of Belarus. Currently, the use of new technologies allows us to reveal more the advantages of the material given us by nature. Analysis of the effectiveness of construction with the use of building materials from straw allows us to make a number of important conclusions:

  • The construction time of low-rise buildings can be reduced in 2-3 times, without requiring special expensive mechanisms.
  • The cost price of a square meter of completed construction without interior decoration does not exceed $250-350, what makes such buildings accessible for people of medium and small income.
  • The energy efficiency of a straw building is 3-4 times higher than the energy efficiency of buildings made of brick, gas silicate or claydite-concrete blocks.
  • The usage of natural materials only, such as wood and straw, allows to create a completely clean ecological housing, which certainly affects the health and working life of people.
  • The absence of wet processes gives the chance to manage construction of buildings from straw during any season of the year.